Lobster available NOW!

LOBSTER is out, and you can get it right here! LOBSTER allows you to calculate projected COHP and COOP curves, and also reliable atom-projected DOS, directly based on plane-wave DFT output as given by the VASP or ABINIT or Quantum ESPRESSO packages.

After downloading the package, please take a few minutes to read the instructions in the manual; everything is detailed there. We have also packed a few example files for an easy start. Should there be any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us via mail (at) cohp (dot) de.

IMPORTANT: if you would like to be informed about future releases, please also consider registration at LOBSTER's mailing list by sending a short message (using the subject "subscribe") to cohp-request (at) lists (dot) rwth-aachen (dot) de. Thank you.

Current Version

Download (13 MB)

LOBSTER 4.0.0 (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) • 2020-06-15

Older versions

LOBSTER 3.2.0 (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) (2019-05-29)